Our Story

August 2020
Angela took an entertainment client out to Los Angeles and Gary visited a winery with them in Santa Barbara: Folded Hills (owned by Anheuser-Busch Family heir Andy Busch).
September 2020
Gary came up with the idea that “Wine is hard – maybe tech can make it easier. Gary raised a first round of funding from Friends and Family and he and Angela set out to create a prototype. WineView LLC was formed and an initial business plan was created.
September 29, 2020
The first WineView MVP was built.
November 2020
Version 1 was accepted and published in the app store. WineView launched shortly before the holiday season in some local test markets along the gulf coast.
December 2020
It became clear that a pure AR product was not suitable for use in restaurants and the company needed to further build out a non-AR version.
February 2021
WineView launched a search for a new CTO and Chris Sterling joined the team in late. Gary and Angela began raising pre-seed as the next version product started delighting users of all ages and genders.
April 2021
The new build was ready for the app store and Google play store. Additional funding was sought to create a strong marketing plan.
July 2021
The pre-seed round closed in July 2021 – having hit its mark of $275,000. The app was now available in five states and three countries. WineView received its official trademark designation. The new and improved version was released again right before the holidays. WineView hits 500 restaurants and over 1000 Users!
January 2022
WineView opens its seed round and utilizes a “rolling close” as revenues pick up. WineView hires a fractional CMO and multiple assistants to help build its proprietary algorithm.
March 2022
WineView for restaurants is launched.
August 2022
WineView at Home is launched