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Top 5 Questions

1. What if I don't increase my tips?


We always ask that you give our program at least 2 weeks to get you confident enough to use what you will be learning, but if you feel like this program isn't for you and you're not seeing results, you will get a refund.

2. So how does this work?


You will download the WineView app, which is where your training will take place. After you've signed up, you'll be granted access to a visual resource of wines, weekly courses on how to sell to guests, and more resources all geared toward you becoming more comfortable selling wine.

3. The restaurant I work in doesn't sell much wine. Can I still use this?


Yes! Even if your restaurant only sells 10 wines, we can still show you how to "stack" guest orders, recommend pairings, and increase your tips!

4. How much does this cost?


We give everyone a free trial of 7 days to start. After that, WineView is less than a cup of coffee per week ($4.97). We always say "If we can't increase your tips to at least cover a cup of coffee, we shouldn't be in business!).

5.  What can this do to help me increase my tips that I don't already know how to do?


Many servers are natural salespeople and have great skills in this regard already. Our job is to help you sharpen the "final frontier" which is wine. If you just imagine selling a few extra glasses (or bottles) of wine per night, imagine what that will do to your check sizes. Even if you're already a great salesperson, we are going to give you the additional knowledge you need to do even more.

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